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Who We Are

Solutions by Shawn Edwards, LLC is an African American, woman-owned consulting practice serving businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries.

We are located in Charleston, SC, and collaborate with businesses and organizations to enlighten, empower and encourage leaders to create inclusive spaces where stakeholders (employees, board members, partners, etc.) are appreciated, valued, and respected.

Understanding the authentic desire most leaders have to elevate their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, Solutions by Shawn Edwards will join with your team and guide the work.

We will help you develop a plan specific to your culture and goals to start the evolution process.

The journey is never straight and narrow, every organizational culture is different, and Solutions by Shawn Edwards will walk with you through all of the twists and turns.

What We Value

At Solutions by Shawn Edwards, we value people! Regardless of your social identity or characteristics, we see everyone as a human being who deserves to be valued. In support of our love for humans, our core values are Authenticity, Respect, Honesty, and Enlightenment.

Authenticity –Being who you are and having that respect is extremely important to us. We desire a space where people can be themselves, without a mask or fear of not meeting someone’s expectation of who they should be. At Solutions by Shawn Edwards, you can be yourself, unashamed, and we will do the same.

Respect –We understand that everyone is at a different level in their diversity, equity, and inclusion journey, therefore, we respect people where they are. Regardless of your age, position, title, race, or tenure, we understand that lived experiences differ.

You can expect respect from Solutions by Shawn Edwards, in every situation.

Honesty –Being honest is the only way we can advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. We will openly admit when something is wrong and consistently provide honest feedback in a supportive way. Trust is integral to every relationship and honesty is a key factor of trust. We want to earn your trust, so at Solutions by Shawn Edwards, you can expect honesty in all feedback.

Enlightenment –With more than 20 years of experience and advance study, we have a wealth of knowledge. Our goal is to share what we know when it is appropriate to enlighten our clients. Beyond advancing knowledge, enlightenment causes mindsets and hearts to shift. This is what Solutions by Shawn Edwards will deliver, enlightenment regarding your goals and initiatives.

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Dr. Shawn S. Edwards